Catherine Prevost jewellery

After a short hiatus, the chic gem doyenne is back

My love affair with Catherine Prevost’s jewellery began some 15 years ago as I strolled down Walton Street in Chelsea. Her storefront caught my eye, and I soon became a fan of her chunky rings, statement earrings and simple, stackable bracelets. In addition to her style, I also liked her story: an American ex-pat (like myself) from New York, she was in London raising her children and growing a business.

Over the years, I amassed a small collection of Prevost’s pieces – primarily rings and necklaces – that I still wear more than any other accessories I own. Needless to say I was saddened when her shop abruptly closed its doors in 2007. Fast-forward to 2015, however, and I am pleased to report that she is back with gems and designs that are better – and bolder – than ever.

This year’s collection – available directly from her site or via Net-a-Porter ­– incorporates bold, chic shapes handmade using semiprecious materials such as white agate, grey moonstones and ebony, as well as more precious stones including diamonds, blue topaz and jet-black sapphires. At a recent sale I was drawn to a Dome ring (£3,900, second picture) carved from cocobolo wood and accented with white diamonds (it can also be ordered in ebony, santos wood and mammoth ivory), Wedge rings (from £3,795) in bright coral, tiger’s eye and nephrite jade (each carved from a single piece of stone) as well as cocobolo, and an 18ct gold Nugget ring (£3,598).

For those who love cocktails with the “wow” factor, I’d recommend either Jupiter (£5,570, first picture) with its hematite cabochon surrounded by grey and white moonstones and diamonds, or Teardrop (from £5,000) – a stunning ring of smoky quartz with brown and white diamonds.


Prevost has also reintroduced her signature 18ct gold Mesh chandelier earrings, and her long strands of quartz lariats or rough-hewn stones and beads (green glass, pale jade), alongside new diamond and white-gold danglers (all price on application).

Best of all, though, Prevost will happily take on commissions – in my case, remaking a favourite ivory ring that went out of production.


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