Modern jewellery with antique appeal

Divine foil-backed, vintage-inspired gems by Larkspur & Hawk

If you have a secret – or not-so-secret – love of antique jewellery, but can never quite find what you’re looking for, let me direct you to Larkspur & Hawk, a wonderful New York company I have just discovered.

Its founder and chief designer, Emily Satloff, had the brilliant notion of devising a range of contemporary jewellery based on the techniques of past times. She’s inspired by Georgian, Victorian, art deco and art nouveau designs. The result is a collection that has all the charm of vintage pieces, with the advantage of an assured supply source – no need to go hunting around markets in search of what you want. It is available in the UK at Net-a-Porter, in the US through various stores (all listed on the Larkspur & Hawk website), as well as online at Barneys.


While most of the designs come in limited editions, on the whole they fall into well-recognised (and much-loved) categories. There are nearly always some rivière necklaces – when I last checked there was a particularly delicious one made from rose-gold-dipped topaz (£4,290), as well as an oxidised-silver and topaz version (Olivia Button necklace, £4,635, pictured outermost). Sometimes, they are more elaborate, such as the Annabel necklace of white topaz stones backed with a combination of green and indigo foils (£6,865, pictured second outermost).

There are also some divine foil-backed pear-shaped magenta topaz earrings (£985), and a pair of foil-backed peacock-blue topaz earrings (Lily earrings, £685, pictured centre). These vintage-inspired pieces sell out fast, but stock is quickly replenished.


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