Introducing Seaman Schepps

CoutureLab debuts the famous US designer’s unique jewels

Carmen Busquets, founder of e-store CoutureLab, which sells innovative fashion and accessories, is always one to watch. She was an early investor in Net-a-Porter, long before it was a commercial certainty, and always seems to sniff out trends way ahead of the pack.

Her latest venture is to bring the bold and colourful jewellery of Seaman Schepps to the UK for the first time. Schepps was the name on the lips of high-society women in the States from the 1930s to the 1960s. His designs were bought by all the grand old American families, from the Kennedys and Roosevelts to the Rockefellers, as well as by Katharine Hepburn, Wallis Simpson and Coco Chanel. Although Schepps himself has been dead for some 50 years, the shop that bears his name is still at 485 Park Avenue, New York, and new pieces continue to be made at the brand’s own workshop – in the same distinctive style and with the same devotion to craftsmanship and creativity. The designers take their inspiration from the 5,000 or so renderings and 650 moulds that Schepps left behind in his archive.


The Seaman Schepps jewellery collection at CoutureLab includes twirling gold, shell and turquoise earrings (£4,480, second picture), and a chunky gold, aquamarine, diamond and sapphire cuff (£47,905, first picture). There’s also a gold, pearl, diamond and sapphire chick brooch (£24,480) very like one Schepps made for the Duchess of Windsor in the 1930s.


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