Uniquely beautiful designs from an elusive jeweller

The jeweller who lets her clients get creative

While many designers strive for maximum brand visibility, Kirsten Goss has been steering her objets d’art-style jewellery label, launched in 2002, in a different – and more elusive – direction. First came the deliberate withdrawal from department stores so the collection could only be found in the brand’s Kensington, London, flagship; next came a line of unique pieces, never to be replicated or seen on another Kirsten Goss devotee.

And then came bespoke and semi-bespoke services. These offer clients the option either to edit an existing Kirsten Goss design under the guidance of Goss herself – by, for example, replacing golden citrine with Dalmatian jasper on a pair of drop earrings or requesting a more autumnal palette on a multistrand beaded necklace – or to commission a completely new design.


Consultations take place at the brand’s Kensington studio, where various styles, metals and precious stones can be chosen. Goss then works on the technical drawings, the final design is approved, and then handmade in around six weeks, depending on the complexity.

And although Goss can be as elusive as her treasured brand – she travels to London from her home in South Africa only once every eight weeks – she is always available to discuss and draw up designs via e-mail.


Pictured: bespoke sterling silver necklace with sea bamboo, smoky quartz, cherry jasper, red quartz, pyrite and white agate beading, £565.

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