Super-cool hand-carved gold jewels

Jovana Djuric’s new range explores sculptural and monumental themes

Gipsy Charmer earring, from $165
Gipsy Charmer earring, from $165 | Image: Slavko Djuric

“Serbian with a French attitude” is how designer Jovana Djuric describes the fantastically cool line of jewellery she launched in 2015. Born in Kragujevac, Serbia, and now living in New York, Djuric is also a sculptor, performance artist and curator. Her Pillars of Power series of plaster sculptures was exhibited at Art Basel Miami last year, and her multidisciplinary career has clearly left a stamp on her designs as well as inspiring a hands-on approach.

Her dynamic Horus rings (from $125), for example, are hand-carved in 18ct gold-plated bronze. “Some think they look like claws or teeth,” says Djuric, who honed her jewellery-designing skills working for the likes of Givenchy. “But for me they’re like metal feathers – smoothed over, not pointing upwards.” Named after the Egyptian symbol of protection and power, they range in lengths from a chic and solitary 37mm to a multi-finger-grazing 116mm, and look especially striking when stacked.


Other Horus interpretations include the minimalist Crevice rings (from $325) that sit tucked between fingers, and an edgy dual-pronged Hook bracelet ($675). Earrings, meanwhile, include understated single hoops ($375) and crescents (Swift, $295) to rock’n’roll double and triple ear cuffs (from $125) – which, again, present multiple stacking options. And the so-called Eager Seed pendant necklaces (from $225) are a riff on the bean motif that Italian model-turned-designer Elsa Peretti created for Tiffany & Co. “But mine are less dormant,” explains Djuric. “They’re about to sprout and ready for action.”

Horus ring, from $125
Horus ring, from $125 | Image: Heather Waraksa

Beyond her signature Horus line, the fabulous Gipsy Charmer earrings (from $165), some of which dip well below the shoulders, make a bold statement in 18ct gold-plated bronze and brass. The super cool N3 version ($285) also comes looped with an extra goat-fur detail, and are a physical interpretation of Djuric’s self-motto: “Be monumental”.  


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