Elegant fashion and furnishings

Fluid silhouettes and sumptuous fabrics feel at ease in understated spaces with an old-world touch. Styling and photography by Damian Foxe. Shot at Rose Uniacke
Interior Design

The power of pink interiors

From Millennial Pink to Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink, this new-generation neutral is bringing fresh warmth, depth and sophistication to contemporary interiors, says Emma O’Kelly

Collecting Bauhaus design

The school’s ethos of “total work of art” meets “designs for everyday life” is chiming with contemporary design enthusiasts, says Jenny Dalton

Online shopping - the next stage

As we get more used to shopping online we are becoming as demanding as when we used to go to bricks and mortar stores. In the area of bespoke home furnishings, Wharfside is able to deliver on and exceed expectations

Striking new transparent storage

Today’s transparent storage is striking in its simplicity, as new technologies minimise the need for frames and fixings. Time to cut clutter and embrace the art of display, says Jenny Dalton

How’s it hanging?

Remote-controlled, chilled, Provençal… one’s choice of wardrobe reveals so much more than one’s sartorial style, says Nick Foulkes.