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The sound of luxury

Music from the London Symphony Orchestra through to the purity of real English birdsong

Over the years, Vertu has worked with a number of composers and performers to create some of the world’s most unique and exclusive ringtones. The talent list includes Dario Marianelli, Ben Wallfish, British chill-out specialists Zero 7 and trip-hop band Unkle.

Each Vertu phone contains a mixture of tones and compositions that evolve from model to model and even include a selection of genuine English birdsong – and they all benefit from Vertu’s unparalleled acoustic clarity.

With everything Vertu does, the choices are thoughtful and meaningful, and so it is with its sounds, which are specifically designed around our perceptions. For example, a plaintive, low flute note mirrors an animal in distress to illicit a natural human reaction – to help. The perfect sound for a phone that needs to be charged.

This same approach informs the choice of birdsong for a ringtone, which is not only unique to Vertu, but unexpected in the urban soundscape and able to cut through ambient noise, carrying over distance without being extremely loud or unpleasant.


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