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The New Signature Touch is Extraordinary Design

Signature Touch is the result of thoughtful and meticulous design

Signature Touch builds on familiar elements of the Vertu design language while creating a much slimmer, cleaner and contemporary device. Incorporating dynamic elements alongside the company’s trademark ceramic pillow, Signature Touch supports the iconic status of the brand. The strong, masculine style of the handset is highlighted through the use of a grade 5 titanium casing that uses both brushed and polished finishes to accentuate its slimline profile.

Every Signature Touch is handmade from start to finish by a single craftsman, using only the finest materials. Signature Touch is the result of design and engineering coming together perfectly. Every detail has a function, every function a remarkable detail. Seamless titanium chamfered rails not only provide a strong casing but also deliver unparalleled antenna performance. Signature Touch’s fine leather both looks extraordinary and offers superior grip, so that it sits more comfortably in the hand.


Lines running along the sides of the sapphire crystal screen are carefully shaped and shaved until they perfectly reflect the light passing over them. The Signature Touch’s titanium casings are hand finished, creating a crisp and precise transition between brushed and polished surfaces.

It is this level of finesse that makes every Signature Touch unique and our craftsman proud to engrave their name on it before you take ownership.


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