Maserati chauffeur service for Christmas

Shopping trips or party pick-ups in luxe four-wheel style

Even with Uber easing the pressure on London’s overburdened transport system, the chances of being able to find a taxi quickly (or perhaps at all) are diminishing rapidly as the festive season gathers pace. And is there anything more certain to mar a seasonal celebration than not knowing how you’re going to get home? Or to make the prospect of Christmas shopping in the capital even more onerous than lugging bags for miles unaided?

But a personal transport solution of the most luxurious kind is on hand from the smart-thinking folk at luxury car specialist HR Owen, which has launched a new chauffeur-driven service “just in time for Christmas”.


Throughout December, a gleaming Maserati Quattroporte (first picture) and driver can be hired to be at your beck and call for eight hours, at a cost of £395. The car can also be hired for a minimum of five hours at an hourly rate of £65 – and if a Quattroporte isn’t sufficiently statement-making, you can book a Rolls-Royce Ghost (second picture) for eight hours for £695 or a Bentley Flying Spur (third picture) for £595.

HR Owen’s chauffeurs are all au fait with the speediest, traffic-dodging routes around the capital, so those on a multi-stop gift-buying odyssey can be taken from shop to shop as quickly as possible, and dropped off and picked up by the door, while those heading to a Christmas party can drink with impunity, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to get behind the wheel – but will instead be settling down in the back for an effortless homeward “waft”.


As Lady Penelope of Thunderbirds fame would have said… “Drive on, Parker”.

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