The opportunity to own a mini-submarine

Y.Co’s Yellow Submarine holds five people and can dive to up to 160m

Inside Y.Co’s Yellow Submarine
Inside Y.Co’s Yellow Submarine | Image: Malcolm Birkett and Pixie Agency Ltd.

Given that more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is ocean, there’s a lot left for humankind to explore – especially a few leagues down. To this end, yacht brokers Y.CO ( have an intriguing proposition: a rare opportunity to own a military-grade mini-submarine. It’s called, natch, Yellow Submarine (price on request), and is designed to operate in conjunction with a yacht for launch and recovery excursions that can last up to eight hours, descending to a depth of 160m. With room for five people on board and all-electric functioning, it’s worth a look by anyone who fancies splicing a few Life Aquatic-style scenes into their castaway fantasy, whether that takes them below surface in the Celebes, the Tyrrhenian or beyond.

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