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It's tempting to assume that Mallorca-based Easyboats is somehow linked to budget airline easyJet – not least because both logos are orange and in a similar typeface.

In reality, Easyboats stole a considerable march on the better-known aviation firm, having been established in Mallorca by Xisco and Lorenzo Vila in 1989, six years before easyJet even got off the ground.

The brothers, from a long-standing seafaring family, started the yacht charter, sales and management business shortly after finishing high school, originally naming it Nice and Easy Boats SL after their own eye-catching, crimson-coloured Fletcher speedboat. Surprisingly, it was then the only motor-yacht charter company on the island.

From small beginnings with three vessels – financed with the help of their mother – the brothers have developed easyboats (they dropped the “Nice and” many years ago) into an internationally renowned business with occasions of a multi-million dollar turnover.


Typical of the vessels the firm now deals in is the Riva Rivale (pictured), a 16.12m luxury day boat which Easyboats recently sold for the second time in seven years. The 2006 boat had a mere 750 hours on the clock and was described as “immaculately maintained” and “better than new” having been under the command of the same Spanish skipper from new.

Nevertheless, the latest owner is said to have paid less than half of the $2m the boat cost when new – perhaps proving the long-held belief that, when it comes to things that float, renting is the best option.

The Riva Rivale (pictured)which has two double cabins, a crew cabin and a 36 knot cruising speed, and remains available to charter through Easyboats at a cost of €3,000 per day or €18,900 per week, including the services of a skipper.

It's probably worth that just for the pleasure of being able to hand it back…


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