A sleek superyacht tender with a retro vibe

This boat blends 20th-century aesthetics and 21st-century performance

Windy’s SR52 Blackbird (€1.56m) has a top speed of 46 knots
Windy’s SR52 Blackbird (€1.56m) has a top speed of 46 knots | Image: Jan Petter Lehne

With its triple engines, pod drives and 46-knot top speed, the SR52 Blackbird built by Norwegian company Windy (which is based in Sweden) was originally drafted by the late superyacht designer Ed Dubois as a tender to Aglaia, a magnificent 216ft sloop that his studio had created for a Norwegian owner. “Ed contacted me to see if we were interested in building the tender and it started from there,” recalls Windy CEO Knut Heiberg-Andersen. “He gave us a free hand to change everything but the profile.” With its low freeboard, upright stem and sloping transom, that all-important profile was, of course, a faithful echo of the mother ship’s – as is the quality of the SR52’s high-tech construction and finish. So although you don’t actually need a superyacht to join the queue for a Blackbird, it will help if you have €1.56m.


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