A cycle helmet packed with technology

Bluetooth connectivity, brake and indicator lights, performance monitoring and a built in walkie talkie – the Livall MT1 has it all

Livall MT1 helmet, around £140
Livall MT1 helmet, around £140 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Although I am about 100 times too scared (or sensible) to join the ever-growing flocks of cyclists in London or any other city, I like to alert readers to worthwhile new techie cycling accessories. This super-light (310g) new helmet from China’s Livall is richly adorned with features. Up to full western safety standards, the MT1 has built-in Bluetooth speakers (which still allow you to hear the environment around you), brake and indicator lights, and a walkie talkie mode to speak to other Livall-equipped cyclists. It can be paired with an app to track RPM, speed, distance travelled, calories burnt, and heart rate monitors can be hooked up; and an additional sensor, attached to the bike’s pedals, will show incline and altitude. 


My official test commuter cyclist reports that the MT1 is comfortable, that music and podcasts are audible (if tinny), phone calls work well and the lights are both effective. On the minus side, she notes that the helmet needs a lot of recharging, Bluetooth pairing is tricky and the instructions aren’t great. I’d add that the Livall ecosystem is a good old-fashioned muddle reminiscent of Chinese tech companies of a few years ago: a mass of confusing additional features, varying models and odd branding. But despite these mostly amusing shortcomings, it’s very nice kit. 

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