Extraordinary coupé and roadster E-Types for sale

Minimal mileage and perfectly preserved original Jaguars

Anyone who has tried to find a genuine and original Jaguar E-Type with minimal mileage from new will know that they are few and far between – which makes it all the more remarkable that the highly respected London dealer Paul Michaels of Hexagon Classics has unearthed not one, but two examples in quick succession.

Both are desirable Series I models (£249,995 each) with 4.2-litre engines, one being a roadster finished in Carmen red and the other a fixed-head coupé in “opalescent silver blue”  – and they have covered just 8,676 miles and 10,513 miles respectively since they left Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in Coventry 51 years ago.


Michaels believes the roadster could be the lowest-mileage example in existence. It came to Hexagon from a longstanding UK owner, complete with its original handbooks, factory brochure, registration papers and a sheaf of tax discs dating back decades.

The fixed-head coupé, meanwhile, was bought “blind” by Michaels after being discovered for sale in New Zealand by a trusted contact in the trade. The car was exported there when new and had remained in the country ever since.

“Although the roadster has covered fewer miles, the fact that it has spent its life in the UK means that it has undergone a very small amount of restoration, but it is still beautifully preserved and genuine,” says Michaels.

“The fixed-head coupé, however, has been in the gentle climate of New Zealand since new and is therefore completely untouched. It is quite extraordinary really – it looks like a two-year-old car and must be the most original example in existence.”


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