A new inland hotel for Sri Lanka

Set on the shores of Koggala lake, the Tri hews to a 100 per cent sustainable remit

In Sri Lanka an inland, not seaside, hotel is on the radar. The new 11-suite Tri (www.trilanka.com; from $250) is set on the shores of Koggala Lake in the heart of the island’s cinnamon-country interior. British owners Rob Drummond and Lara Baumann have spent a decade shaping the site, suites and concept, all of which hew proudly to a 100 per cent sustainable remit. Cinnamon sticks clad outer walls, while the interior wainscoting is of recycled local jak wood; “living” roofs are planted with water grasses and dwarf bamboo, and one of the pools is the first in Sri Lanka to use ionising filters, in lieu of chlorine. All this, along with sigh-inducing vistas and – fittingly, here on Ceylon – tea ceremonies featuring the finest silver tips and smoked pekoe.


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