MIR Corporation’s guided tour of Siberia

From sled-dog racing on Lake Baikal to pre-Stalin architecture in Irkutsk

A few degrees below zero isn’t going to put off Seattle-based MIR Corporation (www.mircorp.com), an adventure-travel outfitter specialising in Russia and central Asia that is offering up SIBERIA in an inaugural eight-day fixed-departure guided tour (from $4,695, not including international flights) from February 21 to 28. Highlights include racing teams of sled dogs on the Unesco-listed Lake Baikal, ice-fishing and sweeping across the lake by hovercraft. Cultural lures include Bronze Age petroglyphs and the 19th-century architecture of Irkutsk, which showcases Siberia’s pre-Stalin years when the region’s considerable riches were derived from its silk-and-fur trade with China and Tibet.


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