A hot new travel destination: the North Pole

A new venture aims to get travellers off their sun loungers

Smooth logistics will be the key to a new joint venture between Elegant Resorts – a company used to selling luxury villa and hotel holidays – and 360 Elite Expeditions (www.elegantresorts.co.uk/expeditions). Set-departure itineraries for 2012 include a Kilimanjaro ascent in Tanzania (from £4,715 per person) and skiing to the North Pole on a 16-night trip departing March 29 (pictured; from £47,200), all supported by the right gear, medical training and destination knowledge to get people off their sun loungers and aiming for higher peaks – including Everest. The companies have co-developed a five-year training plan with climbs in Scotland, the Pyrenees, the Alps, Argentina, Tibet and, finally, Nepal, where the Everest attempt will be made, the package costing from £550,000 per person.


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