Otherwordly Antarctic cruises

A dramatic new tour from Natural World Safaris, led by an award-winning wildlife photographer

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica
Gentoo penguins in Antarctica | Image: www.andyrouse.co.uk

If you’re not convinced by cruising, then let yourself be converted by Antarctica, for a boat is essential when exploring this southern wilderness, where slipping between icebergs in enveloping fog is one of the world’s most compelling, otherworldly experiences. Natural World Safaris (www.naturalworldsafaris.com), which specialises in wildlife-oriented adventures from Borneo to Belize, is launching its first bespoke Antarctica expedition, with the emphasis on photography. Departing on October 18, early in the austral summer, landscapes should still be snow-covered. This means dramatic pictures of the penguin colonies – including king, gentoo and chinstrap varieties – as well as noisy albatrosses, with the tour led by award-winning wildlife photographer Andy Rouse. The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula all feature on the 19-night expedition, which costs from £7,500, excluding flights.  


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