A Bhutan trek that yields spectacular rewards

Searching for rare poppies in the rarefied mountain air of Bhutan

Adventurous souls with Bhutan in their sights this summer should look into the new series of six- and seven-night Poppy Treks being rolled out this month and next by Amanresorts (www.amanresorts.com; from £5,732 for two). They include two or three nights of trekking in high mountain passes in search of the blue poppy, which 100 years ago grew in Paro’s Chele La Pass in profusion but is now endangered (you’ll also admire the seasonal profusion of less-rare pink, red and white ones). Accommodations are divided between tented camps and lavish suites at Amankora Thimpu and Amankora Paro (pictured). Just make sure to get fit first: most days involve three to five hours of steady, sometimes uphill, walking at between 3,000m and 4,000m.


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