Argentine ranches with family appeal

History and the wild outdoors meet at Caballadas and La Bamba de Areco

Image: Isaías Miciu

In Patagonia, Argentina, the Lagos Marmol family have a lot of land to play with: 100,000 acres on the Chilean border, where they’ve opened up their family ranch, Caballadas(; all inclusive, five-night stay from $3,250 per person; the family house sleeps up to 20 in 10 rooms, with a minimum of four per booking).

The alternative, which is a 90-minute drive from Buenos Aires, is La Bamba de Areco (; full-board from £361) – one of the oldest estancias in Argentina, now an 11-room hotel, which has undergone an elegant, under-the-radar renovation.


First picture: Isabel Lagos Marmol at her family’s Caballadas ranch. Second picture: the main building of La Bamba de Areco estancia.


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