Snowpeak: an online cache of chic camping kit

A Japanese-inspired e-shop for hiking enthusiasts

Since Portland, Oregon, might be a little far for many outdoor enthusiasts to travel to stock up on top-notch kit, Snowpeak’s e-shop is a godsend. Here, you’ll find beautifully designed and extremely functional gear and gadgets inspired by founder Yukio Yamai’s Japanese aesthetic – from architectural tents for mountaineering in all seasons to stylish titanium tableware for a back-garden barbecue.

Chinese-inspired LED Hozuki Lanterns ($89.95), for backpacking, are great for setting the mood at dusk, while Lapel Torches ($59.95, first picture) provide a hands-free alternative to head torches for anglers and hikers in the gloaming. Cookware runs from lightweight stoves – portable BBQ Boxes ($239.95) and Double Burners ($400) – to high-end Cook Sets ($399.95) comprised of stackable aluminium pots and pans that chicly cover the basics.


Snowpeak’s rather smart Café Latte Set includes a titanium French Press and Milk Foamer ($110.95) – what could be better than great coffee for the great outdoors? – while Carry-On chopsticks ($39.95) made of bamboo and brushed stainless steel, and a set of lacquered Yamanka Wan stacking bowls ($179.95) are a pleasantly surprising addition to the staples repertoire.    

But it’s not all “eat, drink and be merry”, of course. There are stylishly robust tents and tarps galore, from the über-simple Penta Tarp/Tent shelter ($299.95, second picture), to the explorer-friendly Landbreeze tents ($299.95 to $699.95), accommodating up to six. Which is to say nothing of the selection of crampons ($24.95), hatchets ($225.95) and elegantly environmentally friendly Oshibori hand towels ($19.95).


Kit: check. Now where’s the map…?

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