Sumptuous Seychelles

Sooty terns inspire one of the world’s most luxurious breakfasts

Scrambled eggs may not seem like the most obvious incentive for a trip to the Seychelles – but exotic scrambled eggs, a delicacy that is unique to the islands, might just tip the balance. June to August is the season for sooty terns to migrate to Bird Island for laying season, and gathering eggs is one of the new experiences offered at Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, ready to be cooked for breakfast the next day. Guests – seasoned twitchers and novices alike – are flown by helicopter and guided by an ornithologist to collect the freshly laid eggs and observe these black and white birds in their natural habitat. Overnight, the chef will infuse them with fresh black truffle and cook them to perfection for possibly the most luxurious breakfast in the world (priced at €3,500).

Such an adventure takes holiday excursions to a new zenith, soaring above visits to local markets or midnight cruises. The experience is part of the second Collection of Emotions from Maia. Another of its activities involves taking a helicopter to a nearby pearl farm to create a perfect gem (€4,850 per guest). The lucky few can watch the oyster coat layer upon layer of nacre upon it over the next 30 months – with photographs being sent to them. When it is ready, the proud owners can make a return trip for the unveiling of their own pearl, or have it delivered to them.    


Taking aerial exploits to yet greater heights is a heli treasure hunt, which involves island hopping to find a hidden trove, discovered by solving a series of riddles (€12,000 per helicopter). For the alpha characters on the trip, up to three helicopters can compete against one another – and the hunt is filmed to capture memories on camera.

As for the sooty tern scambled eggs ­– that’s a sumptuous sensory memory that only the taste buds will be able to savour.


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