A new name in hotels arrives on the shores of Hawaii

A new hotel is set to up the ante in Waikiki

Image: Nikolas Koning

Autumn is in full, multihued swing, and travelistas’ thoughts turn to sun. This month sees a surfeit of news on that front: Honolulu, capital of Hawaii, is now home to Waikiki Edition (pictured; www.editionhotels.com; from $419).


The first in a merger of two American hospitality names – Morgans Hotel founder Ian Schrager and Mr JW Marriott – Edition proposes to manifest the creative talents of the former and the equally impressive commercial acumen of the latter. No boutique hotel, this. With more than 350 rooms and suites, a nightclub and a jewel-box, four-suite spa, it’s on track to up the ante in Waikiki, a destination that’s been gaining cachet for a few years now.

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