Underwater safaris to see the ocean’s gentle giants

Diving with sea creatures in Antarctica and Sri Lanka

Image: Amos Nachoum/www.amosphotography.com

If there’s some trending in travel, it’s in our pursuit of big animals – not with Hemingway-style guns in search of trophy kudu, but snowmobiles and scuba gear among the polar reaches. Snorkelling with emperor penguin is the latest frontier in underwater photographic safaris being pioneered by wild man Amos Nachoum (www.biganimals.com) – a documentary maker and National Geographic expedition leader who stalks the giants of the world’s oceans with small teams of travellers armed with cameras. On November 24, Nachoum heads south to Antarctica with Oceanwide Expeditions (www.oceanwide-expeditions.com) on an 11-day trip costing from $11,150 per person, with a second trip in December 2013. For those preferring tropical climes, Nachoum’s three early spring expeditions are in search of Sri Lanka’s blue whales (pictured, from a previous expedition).