Christina Kim’s perfect weekend in Los Angeles

The South Korea-born designer founded LA-label Dosa, known for its richly coloured, bohemian clothing, accessories and homewares made by Indian and Latin American artisans

Christina Kim
Christina Kim | Image: Steve Schofield

I am not very good at sports but do like to be outside, so I play tennis three times a week; on a Saturday morning I am on the court by 7am. I play at Griffith Park – it’s a natural park and one of the biggest in North America. It’s only 15 minutes from my home in downtown LA. I’m not really competitive, but when you are a company owner, it’s nice to have a coach to tell you what to do and take charge.

Afterwards, I’ll go home and get changed and then go to the office where I’ll work for four or five hours. It sounds boring, but I get to actually work on the creative part of my business on Saturdays and it’s more of a pleasure because I am usually by myself. I like to do the drawing for prototypes or work on collages.

I’ll finish up and eat at Woodspoon, a Brazilian restaurant where, on Saturdays, the chef Natalia does a special brunch. It’s a calm white space with wooden tables and it does simple but delicious dishes like house-made sausage and scrambled eggs. It’s Brazilian street food from a region called Minas Gerais, which has European and African influences.

In the afternoon I might go to LACMA. I’ve been going there as long as I’ve been in America. It has an amazing collection of ancient Middle Eastern and Persian art – there’s a collection called Art of the Ancient Near East and I find the pieces from Persepolis particularly intriguing.


Travelling takes up about 50 per cent of my time, so every month I’ll spend a few hours at the Olympic Spa – it’s a Korean bathhouse. We are big bathers in Korea and I was introduced to the spa by an employee at Dosa. They scrub you and massage you and after a couple of hours you are like a newborn child; the women there have a very nurturing side. It’s not expensive – perhaps $110 for a couple of hours – and I tend to stay there afterwards, read some books and eat seaweed soup with rice and Korean salad in the restaurant.

On Sunday morning I go to Hollywood Farmers’ Market. I’ve been going for 20 years so I visit all my friends who are selling there and buy all my groceries if I can. I’ll meet my friend Jodi Rappaport and we will snack as we go round or go back to her house and cook. Otherwise I will have breakfast at Eggslut in the Grand Central Market downtown – they make wonderful coddled eggs with soldiers.

In the afternoon I’ll take my shopping home and do some cooking – I love to make pickles. I travel to India for work a lot and on the last couple of trips I noticed everyone was eating a turmeric and ginger pickle, so I got the recipe from one of our suppliers. It’s simple but time-consuming, with all the peeling and slicing.

On Sundays I also like to visit my favourite bookstores. Caravan has been dealing in secondhand books for 60 years and has a fantastic range of old travel titles. The owner, Leonard Bernstein, will call me if an interesting book comes in. And then there’s Arcana, which is in Culver City and specialises in art books. I have quite a big library at home with a lot of reference, style, architecture and art books. After that I will go to the new Hauser Wirth & Schimmel gallery – I’ve been there three times since it opened. It’s really captured the essence of LA, with beautiful courtyards and great spaces that are pretty raw. Or I will go to the Huntington Library and make a beeline for the beautiful desert garden, which has incredible cacti and succulents. It’s a really inspiring space.


I often have a lot of visitors coming through and I try to make Sunday evening the time I spend with them – I usually make some kind of pasta and a lot of vegetables. I’d much rather be at home cooking than going out.

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