OneFineStay arrives in Rome

Luxury boho lofts and grand family homes in the centro storico

A cosy Trastevere loft in Rome, from €264
A cosy Trastevere loft in Rome, from €264 | Image: OneFineStay

“The Airbnb of the one per cent” was the moniker that luxury-homestay purveyor OneFineStay ( earned almost instantly upon its launch in 2010. After successful expansion from London and New York into Paris and LA, the founders recently set their sights on Rome: over the summer, a number of properties in the centro storico, ranging from a cosy boho Trastevere loft (from €264) to a sleek contemporary flat in Monti to a couple of very-grand-indeed family homes right on the Via Giulia (from €459), were discreetly signed up; expect to be able to scroll through around 50 by this month’s end.


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