Saudi Arabia: the next frontier in experiential tourism?

Wild Frontiers is preparing a boundary-pushing Arabian itinerary

Image: © Wild Frontiers

Saudi Arabia – the next frontier of experiential tourism? Not as improbable as it may sound, given the kingdom has announced it will imminently introduce a limited tourist visa scheme, the first time it has done so since 2010.


Jonny Bealby of excellent outfitters Wild Frontiers ( his ideal itinerary (about £4,500 per person, excluding flights)already mapped in anticipation of the day, with provisional stops in Jeddah; the Sarawat, whose sere peaks shear the skies in a line from the Jordanian border all the way south into Yemen; and Mada’in Saleh, the rock city – Saudi Arabia’s first Unesco World Heritage Site – created in the 1st century by the Nabateans (better known for the carved rock city in Petra) and home to more than 100 tombs.

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