On tour with Alexander the Great

Trace the life of the conquering king through Western Macedonia

Image: Heinrich Hall (Peter Sommer Travels Ltd)

There are big journeys, epic journeys and the 35,000km covered by Alexander the Great, who created one of the world’s largest kingdoms, stretching from the Ionian Islands to the Himalayas. Just announced for spring 2013 is a new tour from Peter Sommer Travels(www.petersommer.com), an archaeological travel outfitter. The company’s founder – a documentary maker – has come up with a condensed version of highlights from Alexander’s life in Greece. Beginning in Thessaloniki, where an imposing statue stands in his honour (pictured), the tour wends through Western Macedonia – his place of birth – and includes a visit to Vergina to see his father’s magnificent tomb, and to Mieza, where Alexander was educated by Aristotle. The 11-day, expert-led trip costs from £2,670 per person.


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