A luxury yacht launches to cruise Brazil’s Tapajós River

The five-cabin Tupaiu offers everything from torchlit barbecues to snorkelling

Tupaiu at Ponta do Cururu beach, Tapajós river
Tupaiu at Ponta do Cururu beach, Tapajós river | Image: Matueté

The Peruvian Amazon has been much in the spotlight as sleek cruisers from the likes of Delfin (www.delfinamazoncruises.com; from $3,000 for three nights) and the superlative Aqua Expeditions (www.aquaexpeditions.com; from $8,120 for seven nights) afford ever greater access and luxury. In Brazil, however, there’s an altogether new and different Amazonian experience to be had as of last month, courtesy of blue-chip local fixer Matueté (www.matuete.com). The five-cabin Tupaiu (from $3,000 per night, pictured) cruises the Tapajós River, leveraging the so-called “blue water” Amazonia – known not just for its cerulean clarity but also its white-sand beaches – to stage experiences more readily associated with the Maldives or the Caribbean, from torchlit waterside barbecues and paddleboarding excursions to, most unexpectedly (and alluringly), snorkelling.


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