Qwerkywriter: a retro typewriter tool for tablets

The Bluetooth keyboard also works with desktop computers

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This Bluetooth keyboard redolent of an early‑to-mid-20th-century typewriter may seem like a gimmick, and to an extent it is, but not entirely. The Qwerkywriter is designed to work with either a desktop computer or with a tablet slotted into the stand at the back, and it evokes the springy, satisfying action and sound of a typewriter pretty accurately. I suspect it could be helpful for RSI sufferers, although its makers make no such claims.


A few other things elevate the Qwerkywriter. Firstly, it’s well made by a California startup, chunkily cast from aluminium alloy with good-quality mechanical switches to provide the necessary clicky feel. Secondly, the patent-pending keycaps are carefully made with an authentically concave, shiny surface that makes typing even more pleasurable. Thirdly, the return bar, although it doesn’t have the full visceral feel of a real one, can be programmed to equate to a return key or any one of five other functions. Charming, and quite possibly productive.

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