Kisha smart umbrella

A good-in-a-gale brollie with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter to prevent loss

There is a strange law of nature that while wonky umbrellas bought in a hurry from street vendors stick with you for years, better brollies usually make their bid for freedom after their first outing.


This, then, is a strong, good-in-a-gale umbrella that discharges its rain-shielding duties admirably but also has a killer feature: a Bluetooth transmitter that does its best, via its own phone app, to keep your brolly from getting lost. In truth, this has not entailed a lot of engineering – a tiny, watch battery-powered transmitter is tucked into a special flap in the fabric. So long as you have the (well-designed and attractive) app activated, you will be alerted if you stray beyond a certain distance from the umbrella rack. It may not be a complex piece of technology, but it jolly well works.

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