Vector watch

The precision-made new smartwatch lasts for 30 days on one charge

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s one thing for a smartwatch to offer a price advantage over competitors, but when it also has significant additional functionality, it’s time to pay attention.

The new Vector watch, from a Romanian company headed up by a former Timex CEO, makes an excellent job of a lot of the things other smartwatches do, and is solidly precision made. Most importantly, though, the Vector runs for 30 days on one charge. Yes, you only need to charge it 12 times a year. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Except that the very simple, monochrome screen shows the time constantly – just like a real watch (no need to flick your wrist or tap the screen to find out what hour it is), and it’s waterproof to 50m, which can’t be said of many smartwatches.


Downsides to the Vector? Well, at 11mm it’s quite thick and its looks, while handsome in my view, won’t impress everyone. But it is really rather interesting, unusual and commendable.


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