Nextbase Duo

A dashcam with forward- and rear-facing lenses, HD video and auto record

A while ago I was issued with a speeding charge by a traffic cop in California, who claimed I had been doing 80mph on a mountain road. Really? I recall clearly that he and I had been driving at a steady 40, since we were both following the same farm truck. But by the time the case came up I was back home in London with no evidence to offer, so I just had to suck up the $396 fine (plus $5 “service charge”).

There have been worse abuses of police power in history, but I often wonder what would have happened if the cop had seen a dashcam on my windscreen, capturing video, my speed, plus the time and GPS location of my past few minutes’ driving. I imagine he would have nervously sent me on my way.

This new dashcam, for example, could have fully proved my case. The Nextbase Duo has two swivelable lenses: one giving a 140-degree front view; the other, a telephoto optic trained on the rear window to capture details of any tailgaters, collisions and so on behind you. Both cameras record away at a respectable 720p, 30fps HD onto a non-included Micro SD card, providing a slightly mind‑bending – but legally priceless – split-screen rendition of what’s happening fore and aft.


As with the single‑lens Nextbase 420G that I featured last winter on Technopolis TV, it also has a good LED screen to show what’s being captured by the camera; PC and Mac playback software; and sensors to detect an accident and save footage automatically.  

You can leave the Duo on when you’re parked, and if the car moves due to someone denting it, or because of vandalism, you get a recording of the whole sorry incident – unless the car is broken into and the camera stolen. In cases like mine, a possible dispute rather than an accident, a single button press will save the recording.

The Nextbase Duo is worth packing on any trip, business or otherwise. Remember, though, that a dashcam is as capable of proving you guilty as innocent.


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