Amazon Fire TV Stick

A high-performance portable version of Fire TV for holiday viewing

Image: Hugh Threlfall

My enthusiasm for the Amazon Fire TV ecosystem I reviewed on Technopolis TV last year has anything but dimmed; in fact, it has only increased. It remains by far the clearest, most intuitive interface of all the online TV worlds I’ve tried, and has content as good as most – and better than some.


This is the travel version of Fire TV; whatever your preferences and previous purchases on Amazon Prime, with the Fire TV Stick you can replicate them on televisions in holiday homes, on boats with internet and in some hotels. (I’ve not had any luck with these myself, but Amazon says it can work in hotels, even those where you have to input your room number and name. Just not all.)


The performance of the Fire TV Stick is indistinguishable from the home version, minus the terrific voice search. But you’ll soon find that the manual search is also pretty excellent. It’s truly portable, although quite bitty – it has a lot of small components that you need to keep in a Jiffy bag in your case. Oh, and if you or your children are fans of the games on your home Fire TV, you can bring along the separate controller (£40) and it will work with the Stick.

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