Monster SuperStar Backfloat

The first Bluetooth speaker to float on water is perfect for a leisurely lilo time

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The gadgeteer’s art is, supposedly, to make you want things you didn’t know you wanted. With that in mind, I bring you the first Bluetooth speaker that floats on water. Its maker, headphone supremo Monster, suggests it can be used in the bath, which sounds extremely silly to me. It’s not a small device at 18.4cm x 8.3cm x 4cm, so where would it float, exactly, without just getting in the way of proceedings?


No, this is a gadget, of course, for the swimming pool, to liven up your morning’s 50 lengths or accompany a more leisurely blue-sky-gazing lilo float. The SuperStar Backfloat is covered in grippy silicon for easy handling in the water, and also has a microphone, so you can take calls from the middle of your pool. Nice. It sounds good – perhaps not the greatest hifi, but better than you would think. One irritation only: although you can change the volume from the water, you can’t skip a track. For that, you’ll need to get out with your wet hands and fiddle with your non-waterproof phone. Monstrous, indeed.

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