Elipson Music Centre BT

A chic Bang & Olufsen-powered machine that just begs to go loud

Image: Hugh Threlfall

There’s no doubt that this Bang & Olufsen-powered music centre from Elipson is an incredibly attractive machine, but it is also refreshingly straightforward.


The Bluetooth connection it uses, just as with the marvellous, globular Elipson Planet LW speakers I reviewed last year, is fast and simple. I am often surprised at how tricky some Bluetooth connections are compared to others. But Elipson, more than anyone else, seems to have curbed Bluetooth’s occasional problem of being a bit flighty.


The MC1-BT comes with a superb remote, although, as it’s the only way to control the player, you’ll have to try not to lose it. Another thing I liked a lot is the display, which tells you exactly what the current input is – in my case I could see that the stream was coming from a MacBook Air, it was Bluetooth aptX and was running at 44.1kHz. I tried the MC1-BT with my reference ATC SCM7 speakers and it reminded me of a sports car that’s asking to be opened up; both the Elipson and the ATCs seemed desperate to go loud. The MC1-BT may look chic and well‑mannered, very B&O in fact, but it’s a tearaway at heart and really wants to annoy the neighbours.

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