Normal: bespoke in-ear headphones

Custom-sculpted earphones for precise sound

When it comes to earphones, one size most definitely does not fit all. This was the thinking of Nikki Kaufman, founder and CEO of Normal, an innovative New York-based company that creates tailormade earphones using the latest 3D printing technologies. As a founding member of Quirky, a consumer products company whose mission is to “make invention accessible”, Kaufman was immersed in 3D printing and realised its potential.


Normals, as they’re called, can be easily customised via the company’s mobile app (available from the App Store and Google Play) or by visiting the brand’s Chelsea lab. Photographs of the customer’s ears are taken to sculpt the perfect fit, followed by a step-by-step customisation process that enables the wearer to choose everything from earphone colour – teal, crimson and matte silver are in high demand – to cable finishes and a laser-engraved carrying case.


If for any reason the pair isn’t to a customer’s liking – the fit isn’t snug, for example – the company will exchange them for a new set of Normals (up to 60 days from purchase) or will provide a full refund. Best of all, these bespoke beauties are delivered in as little as 48 hours from the time of purchase (slightly longer if they are to be shipped outside the US) – music to any avid listener’s ears.

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