SleepPhones Wireless headphones

A tangle-free and soporific device to pacify hardened insomniacs

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The idea of listening to anything from educational material to get-you-to-sleep music using headphones is nothing new, but the wireless technology to ensure you don’t end up semi-strangling yourself with the connecting wire is relatively so.


SleepPhones’ “pyjamas for your ears”, as its label describes them, are a practical and slick execution of this new concept. They use a flexible Bluetooth module, which slips in and out of the soft and comfortable washable headband. The headband also houses some clever, flat mini-speakers, which are just loud enough to hear clearly whatever your phone or tablet is playing wirelessly, but not so loud you’ll be kept awake at night.


One caveat: SleepPhones seems to be a homespun business in Pennsylvania, and while they very recently demuddled their confusing website, you may still find the model differentiation and instructions not the clearest. So be sure you’re choosing the Wireless model – and be patient to avoid getting so irritated you can’t sleep.

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