Dynaudio Focus 600 XD

Wireless speakers producing ultra-high-quality sound in the grandest of spaces room

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Last November I featured some serious – and seriously interiors-friendly – wireless hifi speakers from Dynaudio, a famously innovative German/Danish company that makes its products in Denmark, where they know a fair bit about cool furniture design as well as audio. Dynaudio is also big on in-car sound systems, making them for Volvo, VW and Bugatti, no less.  

The £3,000 system I introduced to you last year was the Xeo 6, a pair of speakers that have built-in amplifiers but get their music wirelessly in extremely high quality from Dynaudio’s own Xeo Hub. This means that no cables need be draped around your immaculate interior. Indeed, the Hub can be supplied with music from a variety of wired sources, but, for minimalism’s sake, both it and the music source (a computer, typically) can be discreetly placed some way from the speakers. The radio signal carrying music from the hub to the speakers is strong and penetrative.


This is the Xeo 6’s new bigger (110cm x 21cm x 34cm) and more sophisticated brother, the £8,000 Focus 600 XD, which works on the same principle but sounds even sweeter. With 600 watts of power, it will fill even the grandest room – and then some. And thanks to Dynaudio’s wireless functionality, the 600 XDs can form part of a multiroom system, but one that radiates real hifi rather than the compromised sound produced by hidden wall and ceiling speakers. So if you loved the Xeo 6s, you could now put them in a small room and buy these for a bigger space. And if you’re just getting into ultra-high-quality music (as you should be), then Dynaudio is for you.

Used wirelessly, both the Xeo 6 and the 600 XD models will handle music in near-studio quality (24-bit/96kHz); but if you wire your Focus speakers into the music source, you can play files at a master‑tape frequency of 24-bit/192kHz. Frankly, even 24-bit/96kHz is pretty much at the peak of human hearing, so with Dynaudio you can go wireless and enjoy the real, high‑resolution deal without cable clutter.


My best description of the sound the 600 XD belts out is “outstandingly realistic”. Listening to Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne on a 24-bit/44.1kHz recording (which is not quite top-notch but still super-high resolution) from my favoured supplier, HDtracks.co.uk, I was actually shocked by the lifelike quality. I’ve heard the track a thousand times in suitably gloomy moments, but I was looking up in alarm to see where in my flat the heavenly backing choir had installed itself. These speakers have a magical presence and lively digital precision, with astonishing bass. Installation can be quirky; seek a dealer’s help. Once set up, they are divine.

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