Arcam Solo

A near hifi-quality soundbar for flatscreen TVs with clear, clean audio

Image: Hugh Threlfall

One of the technological developments I don’t expect to see any time soon is a flatscreen TV with decent sound. It’s pretty much ruled out by the physics of ever‑thinner sets. Makers such as Loewe have done wonders with thin-ish, semi-integrated soundbars, and soundbases like the superb Canton DM50 are, for my money, even better, but a proper, sizeable soundbar is still the best idea by a long chalk.


UK audio maker Arcam now has this near-hifi soundbar, the Solo Bar+, and its associated Solo Sub, which bring, respectively, 100 and 300 watts of amplification to the party. The Solo Bar+ also transmits its audio output by Bluetooth, so you can turn the speakers off and listen to the TV sound on Bluetooth headphones, which I’d find really useful.


The Solo Bar+ has six internal amps, and its two tweeter speakers are angled outwards by five degrees to make the sound more spatial. Oddly, at the demo, I preferred the audio without the Sub; it seemed slightly clearer and cleaner – quite magnificent, actually. But these things are very personal and some will prefer the hugeness of the full package.

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