iLuv SmartShaker

A cleverly designed alarm to wake the deepest of sleepers

Image: Hugh Threlfall

One of my first stops at trade shows is the stand of New York accessories company iLuv, which for reasons I can’t understand seems to have almost no penetration outside the US. It’s strange; iLuv products are innovative, well made, often quite witty and, in this instance, incredibly useful – if you are the type of person who tends to sleep through alarms.


The iLuv SmartShaker is a light, cleverly designed disc that you place under your pillow, from where it connects wirelessly via an exemplary app to your phone. At the appointed ungodly hour, the disc sounds a variety of predetermined and insistent sounds, as well as vibrating like a miniature racing car revving at the grid. It’s pretty unlikely that anyone other than those actually dead could sleep through this, yet, softened by the pillow, it won’t send you into shock like some of the more brutal “extreme” alarms on the market. It’s a real gadget at an almost novelty price, and one I’m planning to carry in my business travel kit from now on.

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