Manfrotto Klyp+ Deluxe

A superb iPhone 6 camera accessories kit with two high-quality clip-on lenses

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I have pointed out several times this year that the camera on the iPhone 6 – and more so on the 6 Plus – is easily as good as many purpose-built digital cameras. This was being cleverly amplified at the time of writing by a global Apple poster campaign showing photos, some almost building sized, with the simple caption “Shot on iPhone 6”.

It remains, however, that you need to complicate the iPhone 6 camera a little to make it not just as good as a proper camera, but as adaptable. This superb new iPhone 6 camera accessory kit from Italian company Manfrotto takes this idea to extremes. It includes a polycarbonate case with a small kickstand and a tripod adaptor; then there are two high‑quality clip-on lenses (a 3x telephoto and a fisheye) and a continuous LED light for shooting stills and videos in dark conditions.


You can also buy two other two-lens kits – one with a wide-angle (adaptable to macro) and a 1.5x telephoto lens, the other with a super‑wide-angle and a polariser lens (the latter for cutting down reflections and glare). You can buy tripods too, plus there’s the inevitable iPhone app KLYPapp+, which allows countless levels of camera control, including a feature to let you take a photo by clapping your hands – very useful when using the tripod.


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