GolfBuddy BB5

The world’s first GPS golf wrist band with detailed maps of 37,000+ courses

Image: Hugh Threlfall

With so many wrist devices coming out this year, you’d need to be an octopus to enjoy the benefits of them all. And even if you had an extra limb, the first lesson I’ve learnt in this season of wearable devices is that wrist-worn electronics on more than one arm falls some way short of being aesthetically acceptable.

So if you’re a golfer and you can bear to leave your Apple Watch, Withings Activité, Microsoft Band and Fitbit in the car, this – the GolfBuddy BB5 – could do wonders for your handicap.


The world’s first GPS golf band, the BB5 is a formidable (but light) golf computer loaded with metrics and maps of over 37,000 courses around the world. It gives players GPS-derived distances to the front, centre and back of the green on an LED display, along with time mode, play mode, a shot-distance measurement feature and a pedometer – if your game is a sorry shambles like mine, you can at least justify it as exercise. The device comes with six different colour bands to match your chosen attire, and the battery life is 10 hours in golf mode and 20 days when used just as a watch.

Our tech guru also rates the Zepp Golf, a motion-sensing training aid that lets you see your swing in 3D, and the TomTom Golfersmartwatch, the perfect tee-time companion.


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