Fujifilm X100T

An X100 upgrade that’s even more joyous than its previous incarnations

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I have admired Fujifilm’s retro but thoroughly modern X100 camera from the original to the updated 2013 X100S, right through to this latest corking version, the X100T. It’s very nearly the norm for tech companies to upgrade and “improve” a winning product, only to make it substantially worse. This happens especially with software – millions of iTunes users would pay good money, were it possible, to downgrade to an earlier, less baffling version.


In Fujifilm’s case, the upgrade elves have done their job superbly. The X100S was just about perfect, but the T has enough subtle but clever improvements to make investing well worthwhile, even if you love your S. They’ve kept the beautiful, ergonomic body almost the same and, interestingly, they haven’t done the obvious and upgraded the 16.3MP sensor; rightly, they’ve decided it’s still perfectly good. But little things like the speed and accuracy of the focus, improved button layout and an exposure-compensation control that can add or subtract three exposure stops – so, so useful – make this camera even more joyous than it was. And they’ve added a mode called Classic Chrome to the film-simulation functions – perfect for the pastelly, vintage look I love.


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