A new laptop from Google

The Chromebook Pixel has an astonishing touch screen – shame about the missing hard drive

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve supported Google Chromebooks for the past couple of years, having adjusted to the idea of a cloud-based laptop with almost no storage. I have a £229 HP Chromebook to use when travelling to anywhere there’s danger of theft, as it would be a small loss and all my data would remain safe.

What to think, then, of a luxury Chromebook that is beguilingly beautiful, and, even with no significant data resident on it, still worthy of a thief’s attention? The first deluxe Chromebook, the Pixel, came out two years ago. Delightful as it was, its role was unclear. This new Pixel has an even better screen and a significantly souped-up performance, yet is cheaper than the 2013 offering (although the top model, with 16Gb of RAM and 64Gb of its own storage, is still £999).


And I think the 2015 Pixel very much has a role. It is slick, ergonomic and enjoyable; the sumptuous screen is now touch-sensitive; and Google’s ecosystem has become even better. Ever-improving broadband and 4G networks mean cloud working has more or less come of age. So if you’re serious about wanting a PC that, if stolen, is no more than a dumb terminal, this is the one – albeit a valuable one.

Our roving IT reporter also found the Acer C720P Chromebook really rather rocking.


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