An innovative tablet-cum-laptop from Lenovo

The Yoga 3 Pro is a prodigiously talented touchscreen device

PC makers have been putting increasing emphasis on the aesthetic – as well as ergonomic – aspect of their products since Microsoft’s design team upped the PC ecosystem’s game three years back with the beautiful-looking Windows 8 operating system (whose superb “tile” interface is being carried over to the successor, Windows 10, later this year).


This, the heavily advertised Yoga 3 Pro from China’s Lenovo, is a slim 13.3in hybrid with a 256Gb solid-state hard drive and a sumptuous high-definition touchscreen. It is a prodigiously talented machine and in its “wigwam” form, when you fold back the keyboard to form a triangle with the screen at 45 degrees from the viewer, it presents a unique way of reading or watching content on a table or desktop. The Yoga is slightly let down for me by a disappointing finish and feel, plus a few irritating design features like a Windows logo that looks like a “Home” button but is purely decorative. Nevertheless, I could really find one of these useful – especially if I needed to run the countless serious business programmes that remain Windows only.


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