Parrot Zik 2.0

Hyperdesirable headphones with refined sound and dozens of features

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The inevitable sequel to Parrot’s hyperdesirable Zik Bluetooth headphones are these, the more compact and lighter Zik 2.0s. If you’re anything like me, it will take you about a nanosecond to fall in love with them. You only have to pick them up and feel the soft leather and the polished beauty of the metal parts to be smitten; then put them on and hear the sophistication of the sound they produce. Granted, they look… unusual. I wasn’t sure I could wear them in public (unless in one of the more subfusc colours), although surprisingly, the normally conservative Mrs Technopolis approved of them on sight.


Now I said the sound was sophisticated, but beware. I often pay tribute to headphones that don’t interfere with sound – but the Zik 2.0s produce the most processed sound imaginable. With the accompanying smartphone/tablet app, you can manipulate what you hear almost infinitely. And while I like naturalistic headphones, I have to say I was chortling at the options with these. They are also noise cancelling and have dozens of other interesting features I don’t have space for here. Intriguing, adaptable, stylish and enjoyable.


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