Leef iBridge

Shoot videos and photos to this storage device to save your phone’s memory

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you rely on an iPhone for taking photos and videos – and love cameras as I do (I have to admit that for 90 per cent of people the superb camera on the iPhone 6 is more than good enough) – you will know the one drawback is that the files you produce are massive. Take a few videos and you’ll soon be running out of space, even on the 128Gb model. (Incidentally, iPhone voice recordings, which I use for work, also produce pretty sizeable files that colonise a considerable part of the phone’s memory.)


This curious-looking, J-shaped plug-in device, the Leef iBridge, is a tiny, portable solution to such storage problems, designed for all IOS devices with the Lighting connector. You can shift all excess material to it on the hoof or, using the Leef app, shoot photos and videos directly to it, so they never trouble the phone’s memory. The iBridge starts at 16Gb, although I would go straight for the 128Gb version or, better still, the 256Gb model.


Our tech guru’s camera storage needs have also been sated by the nifty Toshiba Exceria Pro SD card and the cute £150 Q Camerathat sends pictures directly to the Cloud.

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