Netatmo June

A smart sun-monitoring bracelet that warns if you’re getting too much soleil

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Netatmo is an unexpectedly stylish French maker of meteorology gadgets, one of which, its urban Weather Station, I featured a couple of years ago. For a creator of weather stations to get into wearable technology takes a leap of imagination, but Netatmo has done it ably with this sun-monitoring bracelet, which warns you, via an iPhone app, if you’re coming close to overdoing the soleil (as measured by an ultraviolet sensor). It also “coaches” you, based on your complexion and colouring, with timely advice on whether you should be putting on a hat, moving into the shade and so on. I admit that bit is a little patronising, but the principle is excellent.


June is a little chic for me and my skin is dark and doesn’t burn, so it hasn’t become an essential part of my beachwear – but it does its important job admirably. It comes with a rubber and leather strap and the electronic diamond-like “jewel”, available in gold, platinum and gunmetal colours, is like a bigger version of that by Kovert, the clever London electronic jewellery brand I featured last December. June works with all iPhones, from the 4s onwards.


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