Zepp Golf

A motion-sensing training aid that lets you see your swing in 3D

Image: Hugh Threlfall

My knowledge of golf is fragmentary. I don’t play but have definitely enjoyed messing around on golf courses and simulators. I also know interesting random things about golf, such as in China it is important business etiquette to let your superiors or important clients win, even if they’re useless. Another random thing, which I learnt from the ex-cricketer Ed Smith’s superb book Luck, is that a hole-in-one isn’t regarded as a particularly good thing by professionals, but as a messed-up shot that freakishly went right.


This neat and tiny product, Zepp, is a motion-sensing training aid that attaches to your golf glove and, with the accompanying iOS or Android phone app, helps you analyse and improve your golf swing by letting you see it instantly and in 3D from any angle. It captures over 1,000 data points per second to track parameters including club speed, swing plane, tempo, backswing position and hip rotation. I’m not sure what the ethics of such an aid are. When I’ve pointed out to angler friends that you can buy radars to show you where the fish are, they’ve got sniffy and said they’re unsporting. Nevertheless, if I were worried about my swing, I think I’d invest in a Zepp. I’d just ignore its advice if I ever played my editor.


When it comes to training aids, our grand tech wizard also recommends donning the Glofaster hi-vis jacket, as well as Epson’s GPS-equipped Runsense SF-810V watch

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